PC laptop and Mac Mini with Studio Display

Are there any options to connect a PC and a Mac to Studio Display at the same time? I would like to use the same display for my work PC and a Mac Mini To switch back and forth. Independently it works fine to swap the TB cable back and forth. But, I prefer BT keyboards and mice, so I would think something like a KVM switch would be overkill since I do not use wired keyboard/mouse. But, maybe that is the only option?

If you have Admin access on your PC, and it’s behind a NAT VPN and/or firewall, you could run Remote Desktop on the PC and access it via the Remote Desktop app on your Mac. That is, if you don’t violate any corporate policies by doing so. (Often the PC is a work issued machine and the Mac is your personal.)

Be aware that Remote Desktop has a long history of security flaws, so only run it if you trust the network it is on.

Come to think of it, you might be able to connect using other clients as well, like Jump Desktop or Screens.

Right now I don’t believe there is a switch that supports the full video output plus USB and audio.

See this person’s post for a partial workaround. It involves some cable shopping.

Yep, that would definitely not work with our security. Thank you though.

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(Probably not but) would an HDMI switch be acceptable?