PDF and Table of Contents (not bookmarks)

Sometimes, I need to add in a table of contents at the start of a pdf - for example, because I have included 5 or 10 or 20 separate documents in the one pdf.

I can (and do) add in bookmarks to each of the previously separate documents.

In Acrobat DC, one way to add in a table of contents is to create a separate list of the previously separate documents, then manually create hyperlinks within the pdf to the relevant pages in the pdf. This is cumbersome and, depending on the number of entries, can be very time consuming.

I have also discovered two plug-ins for Acrobat DC that appear to automate this: AutoBookmark and Debenu PDF Aerialist.

AutoBookmark only runs on Windows, so no use to me. Debenu PDF Aerialist, from someone called Foxit, has an eye-watering price!

If anyone has any ideas of some other way to achieve this, I would love to hear it. Alternatively, can anyone provide any feedback on their experience with the Debenu product or Foxit, the publisher?

NB: At Quorm’s suggestion I have removed the links to the Debenu PDF Aerialist web pages. They worked fine for me. When I attempted to download the free PDF Aerialist Lite program to test, however, I was provided with a link via email which, when I attempted to access it by clicking the link, was blocked by my ISP on the grounds that the website contained malicious or spear-fishing content (see post below).

Hmm. I tried downloading the free Debenu PDF Aerialist Lite (which allows one to split pdfs).

However, my ISP has blocked access:

BlockquoteWe checked the website you are trying to access for malicious and spear-phishing content and found it likely to be unsafe.

Maybe remove the link from your post, above, so others here don’t fall into the phish pond?

The links in my post work fine. There are even a number of video tutorials about how to use the Debenu product.

The link that was blocked by my ISP was a link in an email Debenu (?) sent me separately after I “registered” to try the Lite product.