PDF Expert question - edit a file on iOS without copying it to the app

I’ve recently discovered Keep It and have been using it to save web pages offline as PDFs so that I can mark the up and comment on articles etc that I’d like to keep. I use PDF Expert to do this but have yet to find a way to open the file through Files into PDF Expert without having to make a copy which I then need to save back into Keep It.

I’m using the new 12.9 iPad Pro with the latest version of iOS.

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? I’m almost certain it’s user error! :smirk:

Just tested this and it worked fine for me. In PDF Expert select On My iPad > iCloud > iCloud Drive. In iCloud Drive click the Browse icon, lower right corner. Make sure Keep It is showing in the list of document providers. If it is not, then click Edit in upper right corner and scroll down to toggle Keep It on. Then click Keep It, which should appear in the list of Locations. Scroll down or search for your file.

In the current version of PDF Expert, I’ve noticed there is sometimes a noticeable lag after pressing a location in iCloud Drive before that location opens for browsing.

After editing / annotating a document, be sure to close the document to commit your changes. This step should not be needed but PDF Expert doesn’t always commit.


Thanks so much, @anon41602260. I was trying to open it from within the Files app but this is a much better solution/. :blush: