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I will admit. I am totally new to PDF Expert, but it has my brain spinning. Installed it a few days ago on a iPad Pro. Did the upgrade too. Now, when I open IOS Pages, some of my PDFs, DOCs and XMLs are blurred out in ICloud Drive, and tapping on them doesn’t work. Next. If I create a doc in Pages, doc name and content was T1, I can save it as a doc. I understand that. IF, I access that doc in ICloud Drive, open that doc with Pages, chose Export to PDF, and do so, close everything, reopen, now I have a PDF of T1, (I understand that), but I also have a blurred out version of that document that is unclickable and un-deletable. I have uninstalled PDF Expert, checked my ICloud Drive, everything is clickable. Reinstall PDF Expert, and I am back to some things being blurred out. What am I missing here? :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

Can you provide a picture or do a screen recording on your iOS device? Sounds odd indeed, but having trouble visualizing what you’re talking about.


Do you have apps on your iPad for the other document types?

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Most probably it is the following:

PDF expert can import various types of documents. When it does, and the file is not a PDF file, then it creates a new PDF file, and this can be saved to your iCloud.
Hence you have two files with the same name “T1”.
These are two files with different extensions.

The new PDF file is blurred out when trying to open a file from Pages, as Pages does not open PDF files.


Sure do. The normal IOS Office apps, and now, PDF Expert. An yep, I can open those ‘blurred out’ ones in the appropriate app, BUT, if I uninstall PDF Expert, I don’t need to jump through those hoops. Example. I downloaded David’s subscription spreadsheet. With PDF Expert installed, it is blurred out. I can still go to Numbers and open it, but if I uninstall PDF Expert, it is not blurred out when I click on Pages, and i can just tap the spreadsheet and it opens in Numbers.

Makes good sense Sander! Thanks. :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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