PDF Expert URL Scheme

Hey fellow Mac Power Users,

I am playing around with PDF Expert to test it for purposes of my digital Filing Cabinet on iOS. Hazel on my Mac would drop documents (usually as pdf) in the PDF Expert folder in my iCloud and therefore they are automatically imported into PDF Expert. So far so good.

Now I would really like to include links to some files in Reminders, calendar entries etc. using the pretty straightforward URL Scheme of PDF Expert: pdfefile:///folder/subfolder/file.pdf

Unfortunately I can only get this to work, if files are in the root „Documents“ Folder within PDF Expert and not within the PDF Expert iCloud Folder. I tried everything I could think of including Encoding of the URLs (e.g. spaces get with %20 etc)and extensive googling.

Does anyone here have an idea, what else I could try?

Many thanks in advance!

2 Yrs ago they replied

I find Readdle to be very responsive. Contact them to see if anything has changed since @Park’s reply.

I emailed them the other day about how Calendars 5 sometimes thinks a number is a time in Natural Language mode, and Olga Piskunovska from Readdle quickly responded within a few hours with the tip to put the numbers in quotes.

I will try that. Many thanks for your responses. Much appreciated.