PDF Link Issues

Hi Everyone,

I’ve encountered a problem with some PDFs. Im not sure where the problem is originating and I cannot reliably replicate it. I have a few pdf documents where the link fields in the document are being moved and resized. I have attached some images to this post to show what I am talking about. They are all being moved to the lower left corner with a variety of sizes and overlap each other (links are highlighted as the gray boxes). I have been using PDFExpert (MacOS and iPad) and NitroPDF Pro Essentials (MacOS). Has anyone else experienced this or know what might be causing it? Thanks!

Have you tried using Adobe Acrobat Reader? https://www.adobe.com/acrobat/pdf-reader.html

I find whenever there is some pdf weirdness, Adobe Acrobat will render it correctly.

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I do love a good PDF mystery.

More seriously though, have you tried opening the faulty PDF in E.g. MacOS Preview (or even iOS Preview) to see if the same issue occurs? This tells us if there is something inherently wrong with the PDF, or if something odd is happening in PDFExpert and NitroPDF, in which case you may be better opening a ticket with their developers.

It would also be useful to know if you’ve done any editing of the PDF yourself (and in what app) or whether you downloaded it like this. Different PDF viewers handle edits differently (and many not to the unofficial standards coalescing around PDF use), so it may be that an app you’ve used has introduced an error into the file during an edit (which may or may not now be visible in different PDF viewers).

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