PDFZone - Renaming PDFs Based on Their Contents

I have Hazel but sometimes find it a hassle to use because it only watches folders and the rules can sometimes take a while to create. So, I went searching for an app that could rename PDFs based on their contents and stumbled on PDFZone.

It’s got a visual interface to select which contents you want to search for, and you can test that it’s grabbing the right things before you rename your files.

In addition to renaming, you can extract the information to CSV, which might be useful to some.


I’m intrigued… I’ve been struggling with Hazel trying to get a rule together to pull out info and rename the file with that info (for expense reports). Could it examine a pdf and pull out the total of the invoice? Like €20 for a taxi, £200 for a hotel, restaurant etc? Do you know if it can work with multiple European languages?
Thanks for posting this-

I’m not sure whether it supports multiple languages or whether it can do what you want regarding expenses. I think it would depend on how standard your expense reports are. What I imagine you could do is make rules for each type of expense (taxi, hotel, etc.) then put in all the PDFs and export the results to CSV and manipulate the data from there.

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