People Search Services?

So I am trying to do a full census of the Black Welsh Mountain Sheep population in North America.

Of 231 people still shown as owning alive sheep in our database only 73 are current active members. Fully half the sheep are in the hands of folks who we have no contact with. I suspect the sheep are dead but I really have to verify that before I remove them from the database as alive sheep.

I sent out the paper census forms to everyone but I’m starting to get a bunch returned for people moved or other delivery issues. In many cases if I search for them I can find links to places like Whitepages, BeenVerified, Spokeo etc. They all want my $ to provide me with the most current address.

So my question is does anyone use this sort of service and if so which one do you recommend as being the least sleazy and the most accurate?

This book will show you how.
Open Source Intelligence Techniques: Resources for Searching and Analyzing Online Information

Personally I have never tried before, but it’s 2 cents to make a call to this enrichment api which might help you?

I don’t want to condone their use, but Facebook has enough big brother data on members that it might be your best bet in connecting with people. i.e. they probably know who are sheep farmers, who have been in the same locations (livestock shows), etc.

I actually have tried Facebook for all these folks with limited success. So far of the 6 people I am currently trying to trace I’ve not found a single one on facebook that I can confirm for sure. I find those names but publicly available details do not match what I have on them.

I am confused. I must be missing something but I do not want to write my own program to look for stuff, just want to try to find a current address for these folks.

ack, I was really hoping for a simple, if I pay a fee Ic an get it all easily solution. I’ve got a lot more do to than figure out how to be a good on-line private investigator but that may be the only way. :sigh:

I’ve used the following several times to identify unknown mobile numbers. So far It has provided the correct info about 50% of the time. That’s all I can say for it.

Wonderful! S0 far for the 6 people I checked it’s found new addresses for 4 of them and the history of addresses has the ones I had already.

It also found the other 2 but without as much info so I can’t verify the addresses for sure.

Still better than I was doing, thanks


Of course it didn’t work from my European IP. Had to test it VPNing to a US server.

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