Personal Data Warehouses

Has anyone looked into something like this?

The dream will always be to be able to go

“What was that app I saw 6 months ago having to do with color?”

“What was that article from an RSS feed I read last week about architectural processes?”

And have one place to search!

I assume DevonThink might be capable of something like this as well?

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DEVONthink is definitely capable of things like this, and I have a “general stuff” group for things exactly like this. The PHP function I came across that I immediately realised I will probably want to remember but have forgotten the name of? That handy list of things to remember if I decide to move house? Custom solid wood tops for my IKEA Bekant sit/stand desk? I throw them in, and in the notes field I write all the appropriate things that I might search for it with, and then forget about it.

I do also use Obsidian for “random things which are related to X project that is currently in progress/planning”. It’s pretty handy.


Ok! very interested in DevonThink then!!!

How does it deal with content that updates? I.e. if I wanted to copy my obsidian vault in once a day would I need to handle duplicates or conflicts?

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What are you trying to solve by doing that? DEVONthink can index a folder which would almost certainly be better than copying data in regularly.

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Indexing works too! My ultimate goal is one place to search everything.

Don’t forget, Spotlight index nearly everything, and can include DEVONthink. Personally I take advantage of that and search with Alfred.


That’s true! I found though that Alfred and Spotlight don’t provide good search inside files. It does it but I often can’t tell what it’s matching on until I open it in a Finder window.

I tend to lean towards grep then.

You might want to check out HoudahSpot, which has a useful “Text Preview” feature

HoudahSpot Manual:

Text Preview shows the file’s text content as submitted to the Spotlight index. Search terms are highlighted. Arrows in the small toolbar above the text let you navigate between matches.
The fold / unfold button in the top right corner toggles between showing the full text and only showing text close to matched search terms.

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I use DevonThink in this way too. However, I’m realizing from your post that I have not been using the notes field to full advantage. Thanks for the tip!


How do you use Obsidian and DEVONthink together?

And should ask “why”? Just because it works does not necessarily create value.

FYI if you’re interested in buying DevonThink- it’s 25% off now


I index one of my Obsidian vaults into a DEVONthink database. I do this because it makes the Obsidian notes and their data available to DEVONthink features in that database: See Also, Smart Groups, automation, quick TOCs, etc. That database also has large numbers of PDFs and other documents. I take notes and annotations within the database, using markdown files, that I move directly into the indexed folders so they move into Obsidian that way and are available there for Obsidian’s features.

It’s the usual story: store data once, but make it available to the apps that have the best toolsets for particular purposes.

Along those lines, I also often “watch” a few Obsidian folders in Tinderbox when I want to use that toolset with input from the specific data in those Obsidian folders.

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I generally don’t. DT is for reference, Obsidian is for active projects. Obsidian folders/notes can/do get archived into DT when they’re “done”, but that’s it!


“How” contains “why.”

This guy has.

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Yeah! That’s originally where I’d found the concept. Really cool but entirely focused on his workflow.

If you’re looking for something more generalized, have you heard of Unigraph? Still in its alpha/beta stages but worth keeping an eye on.


exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for!!!

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DevonThink’s Web Clipper is actually the most compelling part!