Personal Retreat Handbook Question

@mikeschmitz I was wondering if you’ve thought of making a version of your Personal Retreat Handbook that is a fillable PDF?

I’m getting prepped for another one and would find a computer fillable version much more useful. I prefer to type and then I can save each one digitally as part of a review next time.

In particular I’d really like the Wheel of Life to be more generic, with a way for me to change what 8 main areas are my focus. I have 8 Areas of Focus that do not quite fit your model. Sure, I can scratch the headers out and write over it but I’d like to have a cleaner version. :smile:


That’s a great idea. Let me dig into this and see how much work it is (my Illustrator skills are not great). No promises for how quickly I can get it done :wink:


I would also set 8 different areas, and if it makes it easier I would be happy with them being regular horizontal fields rather than curved :wink:

What I’ve done so far is import them to Notability, use the white pen to hide the current text, and then write in my own fields - an easy to implement workaround!

Me too or even just the concentric circles with a horizontal text field to add in like a flag label out the side.

For me the circle motif does provide a create representation about whether my life is in balance. If one side of the wheel is low it’s like a flat tire and needs work.