Personalizing Spatial Audio?

I’m trying to personalize Spatial Audio (for my AirPods Pro, first generation) on my iPhone X, running iOS 16.0.2, but fail to do so…

The wizard does recognize my face, but not my right ear (my ears are not small :wink:). I do always get to the point where the square camera image changes into a circle (and I’m instructed to move around to show my right ear from all angles). Sometimes I then also see a white rectangle on my head (but not on my ear, where I guess it should be) and a few green lines under the circle, but it never completes this stage (I don’t get to scanning my left ear).

Any tips on how to improve detection?

Assuming you can see your own right ear, it should work fine :rofl:

Seriously, I also had a difficult time with this process. I was never sure if I had my ear centered in the circle. Eventually, I moved the phone farther away from my ear and it worked. If you are too close or too far away, it will tell you.