Phillips Hue Lights / Home App - Automation differences

General advice needed for a 1st time user…my initial observation when setting automated behaviours is that different brightness levels are achievable through the ‘Home’ app eg 25% or 70% but you can’t fade in/out over a period of time.

Whereas with the Phillips Hue app you CAN fade your lights in/out gradually over a period of time but the eventual light settings are preset to a setting of ‘Bright’, ‘Dimmed’ or ‘Nightlight’.

Am I right in saying I can’t fade my lights in over 30 mins to land somewhere between ‘Bright’ and ‘Dimmed’?

So we now have 57 Hue bulbs of various types with light strips and can control every single light in the house.

Maybe the Hue app can do a fade after 30 mins but don’t think the Home app will.

I have a number of scenes created to tackle most of the life events in our home. In addition I have created several automations that trigger at various times.

For example, I have a Movie scene that dims everything in the kitchen and hearth room to 5% and increases the light strip under the couch and media center to 50% with different colors.

Another example, at 5am I have certain lights come on at 5% to light the upper Hall and stairway so I don’t trip going downstairs then have the kitchen lights at 50% so I can make breakfast.

Does that help at all?