Phishing - help


A family member opened an Amazon link from her email which was not exactly from Amazon (I know, right? :roll_eyes:)

The link took her to a webpage asking for payment details and stuff.

I think it only too her to the webpage, but my question is whether there might have been something else (malware, etc).

Is there anything I could run or any place I can check? I’m not panicking :grinning: but would like to ensure my MacBook Air is ok

Note: I have Little Snitch and Clean My Mac 3 But don’t think they provide a lot of info here. Also, I could upgrade to Clean My Max X for malware but trying to avoid that subscription

Download and run the free Malwarebytes scanner.


One more vote for Malwarebytes:

And if you are not absolutely sure about what the family member has entered or not entered, it might be even more important to change passwords for whatever data has been entered in the phishing site and to monitor related credit cards et cetera.

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Yes passwords have been changed, so all good on that side

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Agreed and thus not panicking, but still…,

Will try malwarebytes. Hope it doesn’t slow down the Mac

I have not noticed a performance issue with the paid version of Malwarebytes set to always monitor. The free version, IIRC, can only run a manual scan so should not be a performance issue.

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There’s also DetectX

which is…

…a lightweight, on-demand dedicated search and troubleshooting tool, probably the fastest of its kind, that can identify malware, adware, keyloggers, potentially unwanted apps and potentially destabilising apps on a mac. It can also help you (or us, if you consult us), to identify unknown and novel threats through its Profiler and History functions.

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