Phone doesn’t sound for message

My wife’s phone, a iPhone 11 Pro, sometimes doesn’t “ding” when a iMessage arrives. I’ve checked Do Not Disturb, it seems to be set up correctly. Ideas?

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Is “Hide Alerte” on for that thread? You can see this by tapping the person/group at the top and under info.

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Make sure the mute button on the side of the phone is not active.

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This was a good suggestion because she does have a habit of turning things on and off randomly, unfortunately not in this case though.

Good idea, but no. The odd thing is that it will work correctly sometimes and then 30 minutes later it doesn’t.

Is she using an Apple Watch? When the Watch is in use it will take over the sound notifications, silencing the phone.

No Apple Watch.  

In my experience, this just happens sometimes. I have a phone with alerts on, the volume at a decent level, and even an Apple Watch that will tap me on the wrist, and I still miss some messages. I also have excellent hearing and in some cases this happens at home in relative quiet.

It’s not a huge leap for me to believe there are bugs in iMessage or the alerting framework, although I do not recall missing any other type of alert.

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My mother’s phone had this problem repeatedly. I would try some fixes, they’d work, and then a few weeks later it would be back to no sound for incoming messages. Extremely frustrating!

What worked to finally (4 months and running, so far) fix this for her was to reset Network Settings. The only downside to this is that it wipes out your wifi password, so it’s pretty benign.

Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

Hope this helps.

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