Photo Sharing Tools

Hello All,

I work with a small non-profit that would like to share event pictures between our members. The ideal situation would be a place for people who have pictures to upload them to, and other members to view and download anything they would like.

Of course, being a non-profit, the budget for this is $0.

Another requirement is some privacy. It doesn’t have to be secure (like individual logins or anything) but also not public-facing. Security through obscurity with a weird upload link would probably be OK if that is how it worked. I would rather not have to create accounts for each user to get access.

Any ideas for a tool like this? Thanks in advance.

If “security through obscurity” is ok then you could really use almost any online tool. They’re all relatively private if you don’t give out the link online. I would just use Google Photos or iCloud Photo Sharing or Amazon Photos. They provide a public link that isn’t search indexed.

But if you want better than that you could go the route of something like Synology Photos if you have access to their NAS hardware somewhere on your network. You could also install Piwigo on a server and use that for an online gallery of sorts.

The nice thing about Synology Photos and Piwigo is that they are built for just this scenario. You can give guest access and allow them to upload to a shared area.

Another option is a shared folder on Dropbox or OneDrive or Google Drive. With Dropbox you can create an upload form and people can use it to add photos they’ve taken and then you could have anything uploaded there go into the shared folder that everyone sees.

Let me know if I can clarify anything. I realize they’re a little shallow on specifics.

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