Photo stream is missing on Big Sur?

Hi, I just got a new Mac Mini and it’s the first time that I’m setting up Big Sur. On Mojave, I enable photo stream under iCloud but I do NOT enable iCloud Photos. I can’t seem to find the photo stream option on Big Sur. I did a bit of googling and it seems like it has happened with others. Any suggestions on how to enable photo stream?

Isn’t it in the Photos app preferences? (Tab iCloud)

Also: I believe since Catalina iCloud Photo’s and Photo stream cannot be used together, so if the former is enabled you would not find the preference option to enable photostream

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That explains it. I cannot use both iCloud Photo and PhotoStream. Thanks!

Doesn’t iPhoto on macOS encompass everything that would have been in Photo Stream?

photostream is something completely different than iCloud photo
It does not count against your iCloud storage and only shows you your last 1000 pictures.
iCloud photos is the fully synced photo option.

So if you only want the 1000 photos to sync automatically without taking a hit on your free iCloud space, then no: it does not encompass everything

Yep, so that’s exactly why I only enable Photo Stream. I backup my photos to my Mac by iMazing and ImageCapture. However, I enable Photo Stream to have a short term backup solution if my iPhone were to be stolen. I’m not entirely comfortable with the Optimize Mac Storage option. I would rather my somewhat manual process to have more control over my backups. I regard photo and documents as the most important and irreplaceable data.