Photolemur - trouble setting up as Photos extension

I’m loving Photolemur (available thru Setapp) but want to use it as a Photos extension. Thus far the app is not working in Photos and freezes Photos on shutdown. Has anyone had success with this app as a Photos extension? If so any tricks??

I am using it as a photos extension with no problems. Try emailing their support, they responded to me when I asked a question about their new version coming soon.

Setapp version of Photolemur does not work with Apple Photo’s extensions. That’s what support told me when I described the same problems you experienced. Sadly this came up as a surprise, I think that if there are differences from “normal” versions and “setapp” versions it should be stated somewhere (in the description maybe?). I don’t think it’s a technical limitations but a marketing decision. I respect this but i don’t agree.

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re: Difference between purchased ver. and SetApp ver. Interesting! I’m going to check that out…