Photomator for Mac is out now

just released Photomator for Mac

I have used Pixelmator Pro as my default photo editor since it was released, will check this out but not sure if the tools are largely duplicated.

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Any significant benefits for Pixelmator Pro customers?

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Not as far as I can see so staying with Pixelmator Pro…

I picked it up today. I was waiting for this app to release for a while.

I don’t have it but looked at the website. My guess is that Pixelmator Pro is to Photoshop, what the combination of Photomator plus Apple Photos is to Lightroom Classic. The say that Pixelmator Pro has been optimized to work along with Photomator, which might be like Photoshop can be used with Lightroom. Also both Photomator and Lightroom are non-destructive editors when Pixelmator Pro and Photoshop are destructive editors. But I could easily be wrong on any of this.

I think an important distinction here is that Pixelmator Pro is $50 while Photomator is $100 for “lifetime” otherwise it’s a subscription. So, really, is it worth twice the price?