Photos not importing everything?

[Photos Snag - YouTube](https://Link to a video of what’s happening)

So I’m backing up the kiddos phone and pics. I was able to import all but 7 photos and videos.

I brought four of them in manually… the first three starting on the left under New Items (7 items) don’t seem to be in her phone photos library… not sure where they might be, but when I click the information and get the date and time, they aren’t there in her phone Photos library.

The computer currently has 1.7 of 2 TB available… any idea why it won’t import them?

Follow up:

Kid had photos backing up to iCloud and the 5G is full. Trying to uncouple it and get all the pics on the hard drive. Afraid to do anything for fear of losing her pictures… will they revert to the phone and computer or will I need to do something manually?

We have unreliable internet and aren’t invested with cloud services… we try to keep everything on computers and external hard drives.


Photos are all on the computer. There’s like 12g of them. But I have no idea why those items wouldn’t import. Part of me wants to upgrade her computer. I’ll talk to her about that in the morning.

But long story short, I eventually found the individual photos on her phone and manually imported them… air dropped them to the desktop then imported them from the desktop to photos. But. Why did I have to do that?

Have you considered a family sharing with an larger iCloud-Plan?

We have… at the moment our StarLink is working well, but we don’t always have good or reliable internet.

It seems I do have all of the photos and videos that were on her phone now on her computer… I’m just at a loss as to why those last few items would not transfer over.