Photos on Mac Not Downloading Latest Photos From The Cloud

Photos On Mac Last Updated In The Past


My photos on, iPhone, and iPad are all in sync. My mac is a different story. It doesn’t have the latest photos. At the bottom of the photos it says “Last Updated at: 7:35am”, a time in the past. How do I get Photos to get the latest photos from the cloud?

I tried rebooting. For a moment it says “Updating…” but then changes to "“Last Updated at: 7:35am”. Any thoughts on how I get Photos to get “unstuck”

Thanks in advance, Scott

Just checking, but in this example, have there been changes to the iCloud Photo Library since 7:35?

Yes. I’ve taken a couple photos. They have synced from my iPhone to iPad as well as on The new photos are “in the cloud”. I wonder why the Photos on iOS can always sync no problem but on the Mac it causes fits.

I think I have the same problem from time to time.

Try importing an image into the Photo Library on your Mac. I’ve seen this kickstart a sync on a friends 400GB library that was having problems.

Dragging a file into an iCloud folder on my Mac does the same when iCloud sync is flaky.

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It’s weird iOS photo syncing seems to work most of the times however on the Mac it can be quite flakey at times. Very frustrating when it does not work as promised. I wish Apple would give us tools to figure out on what is going on.

I have this problem from time to time on my MacBook Pro. What works for me is to go to Photos preferences > iCloud tab, uncheck the checkbox that enables My Photo Stream syncing, wait 30 seconds or so, and then enable the checkbox again. Please note that on this MacBook I only have the options for My Photo Stream and Shared Albums enabled, with iCloud Photos syncing disabled. If you’re syncing all three options, your results may differ. However, maybe only checking/unchecking My Photo Stream may “nudge” Photos back into syncing again…