Photos saving as “Adjustments.plist”

I’ve been trying save a photo as an attachment in 1Password. When I import the photo, it saves as a file called “Adjustments.plist” and can’t be displayed (at least in 1Password). It does seem to report the file size correctly, though. I surmise this has something to do with the non-destructible photo editing. Has anybody seen this and know how to deal with it?

Did you export it from Photos?

1Password has a file browsing interface that let’s you access your camera roll. I’m not sure if that constitutes exporting from photos or not.

Nah I would not rely on that.
As jec0047 mentions, export the picture as a .jpeg to the desktop and then load it into 1Password.
Avoid the database for getting to big and select the smallest size that is still big enough to read the image before exporting.

Just in case you want to use a picture of a passport or drivers license. I have had instances where the attached file (.jpeg / .pdf) was not available in 1Password. Make sure to also fill inn the appropriate fields. It will also be much quicker to read (copy) the drivers license number from the text rather then squinting at an image…

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