Photos syncing issue possibly resolved

For some time I’ve been having a problem with a number of images in my Photos library showing a gray thumbnail and not being able to open it. The images show fine when accessing the library in iCloud via the web interface. Problems on both Mac and iOS. Most of the images were older. I was unable to try some of the usual suggestions due to not having a decent internet connection. Did a repair on the database with no joy. For some reason today I selected a gray thumbnail and then tried the image menu, Revert to original. The image was now visible. Tried on a bunch more and most worked. On a few that didn’t I tried another edit (flip vertical) followed by a revert and the image was back. If I select a group of images and try the revert, it only works on one. After doing this on a bunch of images I then checked my iPad and the images were showing there.

I have a bunch of more recent images that were edited and display fine. What’s the difference? I think all the non-displaying images were edited in iPhoto and Aperture. Most of my edits are simple and can be recreated without a lot of work.

Thoughts and/or comments on this?

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