Photos / Videos and iCloud

Hey all,

I am trying to figure out this configuration. I have my own backup system for my Photos and Videos from my iPhone that go to Synology. It’s the time of the year…1 month away from new phones and my 128GB phone is now down to about 5GB.

I do like to keep photos and videos on the iPhone which backup to iCloud for various reasons…

  1. additional backups never hurt anyone
  2. it’s fun to share with friends and family quickly.

Does anyone know of a way to delete large videos off my phone, but still keep them in iCloud? (placeholder style)

If I understand correctly what you are asking: Since you have two copies of your original photos, in iCloud and your synology, why don’t you set your phone to “Optimize iPhone Storage” and let it manage your photos? You will have thumbnails of everything and can download originals as needed.

Do you plan to purchase a new phone with additional storage? If so, you can reverse the process by selecting “Download and Keep Originals” on the new phone.