Pinboard Archiving Working?

For anyone who pays for Pinboard archiving, when you click on the checkbox to view an archived page, does it show the page or give you the error: “The service is not available. Please try again later.”

I also am unable to see results for Full-text search. I’ve been reaching out to Maciej for the last three weeks since this issue started but have not heard back at all. I’ve contacted both the support email address and the bugs email address.

I want to see if anyone else who subscribes to archiving is experiencing the same issues.


I just checked and I am also receiving “The service is not available. Please try again later.” when I click on the checkbox to link to the page archive, but Full Text Search seems to be working.

Thank you for checking. Out of curiosity, does the full text return results for bookmarks created in last few months?

I should have specified but gor me, I can get results from before February 2018 but anything afterwards doesn’t work. Do you get results if you search for something that is in your last few archived bookmarks?

When I tested it earlier, I just searched a random word to see it results showed. Now, I went to a bookmarked page, copied a word and did a Full Text search for that word. Got nothing.

Thank you, I just wanted to confirm.

I’m hoping Maciej is just taking an extended holiday after the US elections and will be back to Pinboard in the New Year.

Well Maciej wrote last night to the Google group that he would be working on Pinboard this year and that the site is still supported. Currently Pinboard is down, so hopefully offline for some much needed attention.

I did end up hearing from him, and so far it’s been up and working.

Unfortunately the fact that he gave up supporting the service for over a year had me running for the door. Other than sometimes logging in to grab an old bookmark I’m not adding anything new. I’m not faulting him for getting involved in outside projects, but he shouldn’t have been taking money if he didn’t plan on actually working on or supporting Pinboard.