Pinboard client with automatic Dark Mode?

Most Pinboard clients on iOS that I know have not been updated for 2 years…

Does anyone know a Pinboard client on iOS that supports automatic Dark Mode?

Pushpin and Pinner have Dark Mode options. Last year The Sweet Setup called Pinner their favorite Pinboard app.

I have tried both (and still use Pinner), but I can’t find any setting to let them automatically change to Dark Mode, like other (modern) Apps do when the OS tells them to.

Oh well. When I want an app to be in Dark Mode it usually stays there forever. To me, the most important thing is finding the best app for the service, so I’d probably stick with one app and bug the dev about auto-changes; it’s such a small niche product a registered user could probably wield some influence.

I contacted the developer of Pinner about this quite some time ago, but never got a reply.

Since the App has not been updated for 2 years I’m afraid it’s “dead”.

If it works, and it’s still regarded as the best of its kind, to me it’s worth the $4.99, especially if it offers Dark Mode as well as any other similar apps. So the Dark and Light modes don’t switch automatically. :man_shrugging:

Oh, I also still use Pinner.

Until an iOS update breaks it?