Pixave Alternative

I’ve been using Pixave for a few years as my stock photo/video library. I really like the interface, tagging, etc. And it (should) work on both macOS and iPad.

However, last week, after using it regularly on my Mac for years, I fired up the iPad app, and in the process of synchronising the library I last most of my assets! Fortunately, TimeMachine backs up CloudKit data, so I was able to restore an earlier version of the library. But I’m scared off from trusting the app now (and it seems to no longer be supported - I haven’t had any replies to email or twitter).

So I’m looking for an alternative app. My goal is to keep stock media separate from my personal photo library, so Apple Photos app is out. It also needs to be multi-platform, and have good search (I can’t be scrolling through thousands of images looking for the right one). Any suggestions?