Places To Learn Stuff

ScreenCasts Online Mac & iOS

I appreciate for introduction and instruction.

  • Introduction to new apps and ways of getting things done such as tips and tricks for the iOS keyboard or Adobe LightRoom update
  • Instruction such as 2 hours on Drafts or how to navigate Things 3 1.5 hours

Cost Money $56 US per year.
ScreenCasts Online

Between ScreenCasts and MacSparky Fieldguides … learned much.

Do you have suggestions for places/spaces to learn?

If your library offers it, you can get free Lynda access with a library card. Bexar County (TX) Bibliotech offers it.


I recently got kindle unlimited, and solely read books on programming, normally they are a touch out of date so there is an art for finding the evergreen ones.

My number one recommended programming book is the gang of 4 design patterns book, despite being from the 80’s still incredibly relevant to the industry.

I also listen to podcasts as places to learn, many topics have podcasts, particularly history.

Lastly I ask my peers what they recommend in field to learn about a specific topic. I find targeted learning systems more valuable then generalised learning


I used Screencasts Online in 2014. Not bad, but I ended up not clicking with it (or being sufficiently interested in the apps being covered).

I really like the un-DERMed ebooks from Take Control Books - very Mac/iOS-centric.

For deeply delving into the intricacies of Lightroom, Photoshop and photography some of the best sources are KelbyLearning and Lynda. If you look around and read photo forums you’ll learn a lot too, and get links to the best free YouTube videos. (And there are a lot.)

If you’re interested in specific apps or platforms you should spend more time on subreddits, where you can learn a LOT. I just clicked over to the APPLE subreddit and was told “4,392 users here now”.

Other good subreddits include:


… and more. And of course there are multiple subreddits for various types of photography, video, hardware, and post-production software.

You can make your reading there easier by configuring personal multireddits consisting of multiple subreddits so that by visiting one multireddit you can read posts from all the subreddits that comprise it.

There’s even this subreddit where people posted multireddits they created and made available for others to access.

I myself created multireddits for everything from gardening to fitness/health to cooking. Incredibly useful free resource.

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I have kindle unlimited but I have only been using it for my throw away mystery novels. Thanks for suggesting using it for other stuff. Could you give me an author or title on the design book you mentioned?

As to learning about mac stuff in general I use the Take Control books, here, stackoverflow and forums for specific software packages primarily.

Agree with niott. The public library system in Ohio offers free / Linkedin Learning access with a free library card. The courses are very good. I almost signed up for Linkedin learning for 12 of my employees at just over $300 per year per employee when I found out that they can all get it free.

I see that you’re in the USA. Its worth checking out if your State offers this.

Design Patterns
Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software
Erich Gamma Richard Helm Ralph Johnson John Vlissides

Word of warning it is a touch dry, I admit I don’t actually know if it in available through kindle unlimited as I had already outright bought a copy before I was turned onto kindle.

I have been reading “The Self-Taught Programmer: The Definitive Guide to Programming Professionally” by Cory Althoff
As I try to pick up some python skills, that’s been great cause I can follow along using the iPad to both read the book and with Pythonista program along.