Planning the Annual MPU Gift Guide Episode

I got some different emergency LED lights a few years ago and it didn’t go well. The idea is you leave them plugged in all the time and then when there’s a power cut, they light up using the battery that has been kept fully charged. Fine in theory, but in practice, the ones I had (from Home Depot or Lowes) tended to burn out and die before the next power cut. Now that we all have our iPhones within arm’s reach all the time, it’s less of an issue. They would be a great gift if reliable.

Well, since California recently passed a law allowing people to eat roadkill, our West Coast friends like @macsparky are going to need the proper kitchenware. And what would be better than Star Wars themed cookware such as:

The Darth Vader Dutch Oven

The Han Solo Carbonite Roaster

Star Wars TIE Fighter Gas Grill


Gifts to give…
A) Chargers, cables, external drives and hubs that are:

  1. Least likely to have a tendency to fray or fry (spontaneously catch on fire)
  2. (As applicable) least likely to have a Chinese back door snooping on or sucking out your data, and…
  3. Serve multiple uses and/or work with more than one device, and…
  4. are as powerful, compact, durable and reliable as possible.

B) If you were going to trade in your butterfly keyboard MacBookPro and “give” yourself (or a family member) a new one with at least 16 Gb RAM and 512GB HD, what other configurations would you add? Pretty much for routine use - Gmail, Web surfing, YouTube, light video editing, possible simple podcasting, dictation for notes and simple writing, heavy use of Scrivener, and, sigh, probably still some Microsoft Office as well as the Apple equivalents.

@sarahdox Wait a few days Sarah. It looks very likely that we’ll get the new MacBook Pro this week.


I’ve been pleased with my fusereel sidewinder for managing MBP charger cables ( Anker chargers & battery packs also seem like an easy thing to recommend.

Come on David and Stephen, make sure you recommend a fountain pen, to go along with the latest release of ‘Paperless’. To me it makes perfect sense actually. I see no contradiction and I am quietly hopeful on both this year

Next year maybe a nice recommendation for the best geese for quills and best breed of sheep for parchment, in case that new fangled big-wooden-screw Guttenburg press thingy doesn’t work out! Now there I am kidding, hope you don’t mind. :rofl:

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