- data breach

I was unhappy when they added that login requirement some years ago, but it does have some upsides.

  • Much easier access with a mobile device and/or away from home, since it sets up the connection rather than having to rely on a home VPN server.

  • It’s needed for their “home Tivo-like” live TV service using your own antenna.

  • I will point out that you can use Plex for free. I only started paying to get the TV schedules.

  • It probably enables their own streaming service, which I never use.

I’ve been enjoying great success w/ Emby. No usage outside the house, accessing remotely, just internal. But it solved a lot of transcoding/buffering issues I was having without having to troubleshoot everything like a hardware engineer…

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I have been using Jellyfin. While Plex has the power of the incumbent, I think it’s only a matter of time until they get bought, and then what happens?

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Move to Kodi, Jellyfin, etc.

Importing a folder structure with video files is done in minutes.

As mentioned, I am using Jellyfin. Just that as I need to “login” to Plex to access my local server, I am quite sure that Plex knows the contents of my media libraries.

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Check out their privacy policies:

I don’t think it’s unreasonable for the services they provide, such as metadata for movies and tv shows. But my thoughts aren’t necessarily yours!

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I agree that it is not unreasonable. My concern is more what happens as/if they are acquired. We have seen
how policies change when business models change.

here is another good media server app to try…

Are we forgetting that Apple has a media sharing capability? macOS will share your “TV” app library across the network to other Apple devices. It used to be iTunes Home Sharing, but as of recent macOS versions, you do not need to be running any app for the sharing to be used.

However… the reliability of this system is the reason I am using Plex.