Podcasting tools and distribution

A new enthusiast podcaster - who wants to podcast with/for us - ic.org - has asked my opinion about podcasting tools and services. I am turning to MPU for guidance as I know several folks here are podcasters and/or are connected to them.

Questions: Which podcast tools, services and distribution platform did you choose? And, if you’re willing, what had you choose it/them? Any further resources you’re able to share would be welcomed. PS I personally favor supporting smaller well-respected shops and steer away from the businesses owned by Google, Facebook and the like.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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The Exhaustive List of Podcasts About Podcasting

Upgrade #200: The Podcasting and Anniversary Episode - Relay FM

How to get started in podcasting: editing the audio

If you’re looking for an equipment guide, then Marco Arment’s run down is pretty great.

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Can’t fault my Rode Rodecaster Pro mixer and Rode Pod Mics