Podcasts app update

Anyone else hate the changes to the Apple Podcasts app on the latest release? My workflow (listen flow?) is shot. I can’t tell what I’ve listened to or not. I used to just go to the Library and find stuff…now it’s a mess and seems cluttered.

I think my biggest problem was a few podcasts I was going back and catching up on. It seems like the new layout hyper-focuses on new stuff.

I’ve temporarily switched to the Amazon music app as protest…lol. It is actually fairly well laid out in comparison.

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I figured anyone who has a podcast “workflow” was already using a 3rd party app. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any reason you’re not? They are much better.


I used Overcast for awhile, but it started to break very badly (I forget the specifics) and I couldn’t get any answers as to why (no support), so I went back to the default. I try to stay default if I can just to keep things simple. “Better” is very subjective.

Yes. They messed it up pretty bad and on the betas for macOS it pops up randomly.

I’d agree, it definitely seems focused on the ‘current’ episode scenario. For the show(s) were I’m working through a back catalogue, it was a lot easier on the old design.

I’m getting round it by using the downloads screen to manage “catch up” listening, I’ll download a batch of 4 - 5 five episodes, when I start listening to the last of those then I’ll tap through to ‘all episodes’ and grab the next batch. I tended to download a few episodes at a time with the old app anyway so I’m not really doing anything different, just different screens to manage it. For that “workflow” though, you’re right, it’s not quite as elegant as it used to be.

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I am having issues with the Podcasts app as well. Before the update (on mac) I could go in and download an episode, then I can drag the episode to any location on my mac. I am unable to do this anymore. Anyone else?