Point me to instructions—complete reinstall iOS on iPhone

I’m still having a number of issues on my iPhone X despite doing a “Ease all Content and Settings.” I want to try starting completely over. My understanding is that the iPhone may have to be connected to my MBP to do this. I’m not asking you to take time to write the instructions, I just need a link to reliable instructions. Thanks!

Did you choose “Set up as a new iPhone” during setup last time you erased all content and settings?

This is how I’ve reset everything in the past.

I don’t believe that was an option through the iPhone settings. I found the link on Apple’s site. I just hope I do this properly. It is a pain but at least I hope to have everything working properly before upgrading to iOS 14 when it is released.

After “Erase content and settings” has reset the phone, it is an option in the initial setup screens.

When I spoke to Apple support they said that did not erase and reinstall the OS, which is what I plan to do. They said I have to connect the phone to the Mac to erase and reinstall the OS.

Restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to factory settings — Apple Support

Well, my iPhone has been reset to factory specs and is mostly re-synced. Everything seems to be working better—unless I’m merely guilty of confirmation bias! :slight_smile:

Now, all apps have to re-earn their place on the phone. I should be in good shape for the iOS 14 update when it is released.