[Poll] How did your Mojave install go?

The review of Mojave on Ars Technica endorsed it enthusiastically, but on this forum I have seen a lot of issues concerning either the installation (and, sometimes, required reinstallation) or short term aftereffects following the installation. For this reason I have held off installing it on my machines.

Since those that installed without incident probably wouldn’t post otherwise, I’m posting this poll to try to gauge what percentage of users actually experienced problems.

  • I installed Mojave without any issues.
  • I installed Mojave with minor issues.
  • I installed Mojave and it was a major pain.
  • I successfully installed Mojave but there are some things I don’t like about it.
  • I successfully installed Mojave but I hate it.
  • Other (please clarify).

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I assume “issue” means technical failure, which is a different thing than “I don’t like dark mode – I have an issue with it.”

On the technical front, I’ve had no issue with installing Mojave on the two MacBooks we own. FWIW, I can remember no issue with installing any version of macOS or OS X since 10.7, other than the odd application not working until the developer updated it.

I assume with OS 10.15 for many folks there will be more technical issues, due to the 64 bit requirement being enforced.

No issues, but all the the new right management with allowing access was a bumpy start. Also, it seems, that there were some bugs initially, so you would have to remove the rights and grant them again.

My Mac at home is not supported by Mojave. At work I’m not (yet) allowed to install it…

Since installing Mojave on both of my most-used Macs, Safari on both computers sometimes can’t open its home page on launch. Instead of loading the page, it shows a message in the browser window — something like “Safari couldn’t connect to the server.” It doesn’t happen every time, but it seems to happen most often when I’m launching Safari right after starting the computer.

I voted for “minor issues,” but off the top of my head, that’s the only issue I’ve had.

I’ve upgraded one Mac to Mojave (a 2012 MacBook Pro) and I’m in the process of setting up a new Mac mini that came with Mojave installed. No real issues with either so far. :crossed_fingers:

I still haven’t upgraded my main iMac yet.

The actual install of Mojave on my MBP went fine.
I’d initially figured my Time Machine back up requiring a restart a few weeks later was perhaps related but then it transpires this is more likely related to to the backup target drive being a NAS.
My biggest annoyance with Mojave has been the slower login via touchID, it’s only a few seconds but it definitely seems a lot more clunky than under High Sierra.

I closed the poll, and then I installed Mojave. So far, so good. Thanks to all who participated.

No issues. But I can’t think of a single significant improvement in Mojave over High Sierra.

For me it was a needed firmware update. Other than that? Continuity camera?

Why close the poll? Surely there are other folks who haven’t upgraded yet.

I thought the trend was pretty clear, so I closed it.