[Poll] What's your e-mail client of choice on the macOS?



Hi Mitch,

I’ve found that MS Outlook handles tables and embedded rich content better than other clients. I used Airmail for a year and it used to drive me up the wall because it would paste Excel tables as images. I know it’s since expanded support but still on my last trial it messed up formatting.

I also have less sync issues with my non-Exchange server, and I think search is pretty powerful, I heavily rely on custom smart folders.

I miss the quick filtering functionality of Airmail and the abolity to snooze, but happy with the trade off compared to what I get from Outlook.

On iOS, the additional functionality such as identifying people not in your contacts based on email signatures and also the ability to quickly add people from incoming emails via Siri suggestions are all important to me. When I used Airmail on my phone the unknown caller guessing did not work as well because mail did not sync the accounts in the background if not opened.

As someone who lives in his inbox with an average 250-300 emails daily (company email only!), I’ve come to the conclusion that at the end of the day there is no magic email client. To me, the idea is not to have the email client with the most bells and whistles, but rather to use the email client that will help me get through my mail as efficiently and quickly as possible.


As an aside with respect to those apps, that’s really interesting.

I’ve had the opposite experience. Spark has been rock solid on my iOS devices, but each time I’ve tried Airmail (probably 3 times in 2016 to late 2017 as everyone raved about it), I’ve had crashes in the app that were occurring several times a day on each device.

I wonder how the experiences can be so polar opposites? :man_shrugging:


Spark Crashes
I got no stinkin’ crashes. Sorry for the difficulties on your setup.


Your email situation sounds similar to mine. I’ve had problems connecting Apple Mail with my company’s email on O365. So I will probably go back to outlook on both Mac and iPhone.


Funnily enough I had the exact same opposite. Airmail crashing and super slow, Sparks working brilliant in managing 5 email accounts :grinning:


AFC - I have noticed that the user experiences with these two apps (on both iOS and macOS) tend to be almost binary and apparently arbitrary - I’ve tried Spark multiple times, always with crashes and slow syncs (so slow sometimes that it’s had me cursing!). This weekend, Airmail has not crashed once, and it syncs to 3 email accounts (iCloud, gmail, and Office365) as quick as you please. Maybe this fine behavior will change for the worse in time, but I’m happy now.


I use Airmail on macOS and Spark on iOS (I don’t use snoozing on either of them) for work related email.

Airmail mostly works fine for me, except for one really annoying bug: sometimes a message keeps stuck in the inbox “for ever” (after deleting or archiving that message it just returns to the inbox). As I practice “Inbox Zero” this bothers me. The only workaround seems to recreate the entire database for the account with the stuck message…

For personal email I use FastMail’s web interface on macOS (so no native client; though I do wrap that web interface with Fluid so I can access it quickly via a keyboard shortcut) and Spark again on iOS.


Agree with you 100%!! That’s prob what frustrates me the most with Airmail. Miss all the integration and automation that Airmail offers but it wasn’t stable enough for me. Happy camper with Spark (and it’s integration with PDF Expert is excellent to get forms signed)


I was using Airmail but found one too many bugs that were affecting my work, so I’ve (yet again!) returned to Apple Mail.


After switching from Spark to Airmail because of too many crashes and slow performance in Spark, I just experienced my first iOS Airmail crash (and some slowness) . . . after 5 days of solid operation. We will see how this develops…


Apple Mail + MailHub + MailTags + Spamsieve + Mailbutler

Only problem is Apple Mail sometimes freezes downloading from my supllier’s Exchange server. Otherwise I would be happy.


Apple Mail || AOL (yes, still !!), iCloud, my ISP || Apple Mail has always worked reliably for me. I like its look-and-feel and usability. I feel like it’s a distant descendant of Claris Emailer, which I really liked from classic Mac OS days. || I guess I don’t deal with the volume of e-mail to run up against Mail’s shortcomings! I can’t think of a major gripe off the top of my head.


I love Spark. I’ve been using it for about a year with no issues. I love the syncing between devices (e.g., signatures) and the integrations. This is the first email app I have tried without reverting back to Mail.


How does Mailhub work? I’ve been confused whether an individual can use it.

Also, is it different than SpamSieve?


SpamSieve filters “spam” email into your Junk mailbox. It is on your computer rather than server side. It is very useful while your computer is on and the Mail.app is running. If Mail.app is not running on your computer (desktop or laptop), the junk won’t be filtered and will show up in your Inbox on your iOS device. I am not aware of an equivalent function for iOS devices.

Mailhub is for individual users. It is a plug-in for Mail.app. You use it to file emails into mailboxes if you have several mailboxes set up. For example, instead of leaving everything in my Inbox, I have Project X, Project Y, Project Z etc. As emails come in, I can click on the dropdown box to file them in the appropriate mailbox. Also, it “learns” which mailbox I file messages in and so it is only necessary to click on the “file” button rather than select the appropriate box first.

If I allocate the appropriate mailbox on the message before I sent it, the message is automatically filed in that mailbox rather than just going into the Sent mailbox. It also groups messages by their threads.

The maker of MailTags has a similar app, Mail Act On, but I found that more complicated to use as one has to set up the mailbox in Mail Act On. Leastwise, I remember it being much more complicated than MailHub.


Thanks so much. I was confusing Mailhub with Mailroute. I’ve wanted to better understand Mailroute as an alternative to SpamSieve. I think Mailroute is an enterprise application, though.


My only problem with this setup is, I can’t duplicate the same on iOS as well. And that creates and difference in e-mail experience when I am switching between devices.


This is why a server side solution like Gmail filters coupled with Sanebox for instance works regardless from the operating system/platform you’re working on.

And since Gmail can be used to send and receive emails for non-Gmail email accounts, it’s a great solution if you’re trusting Google as a company.


Fastmail server side filtering is great, too, without the Google privacy issues…I am now in my 16th year with Fastmail without a minute of downtime that I’ve been aware of.


Fastmail is a service I have used for years with no problems. It plays nicely with SaneBox. I use folders in Fastmail because I can’t find a way to use tags. Tagging brings me back to Mail and MailTags. With either platform, I forward email to OmniFocus to add it to my tasks. I am trying Spark because it does have a nice feature to add emails to OmniFocus. Spark also does a nice job of putting conversations together. Spark has an interesting feature for teams that I plan to explore.