[Poll] What's your e-mail client of choice on the macOS?



Hi David
I’m not a lover of Apple mail, but like you, no other Mac mail program makes the grade. I’d love to use Outlook but I fear the calendar issues I suffered a few years back when I gave it a go. Apple mail really p…s me off with attachments hiding within the body of the message rather then being shown in a header bar like Windows mail programs do.
Mojave doesn’t seem to list any improvements to Mail - which is seriously disappointing.


Can you share a bit more on this? I use Apple mail and with a built-in extension (formerly Clip-a-tron?), I can quickly get my message into Omnifocus. I imagine you knew that, though, so curious what more you’re seeking.


There’s lots to love in airmail but it does not have hooks to enough for me. Especially love the auto reply and archive. Please add that to Spark. I find the best search is Apple Mail.


If I don’t use the native interface in the browser for Gmail then my go-to mailclient is mutt.


Surprised more people aren’t using Newton, and citing the subscription as a reason. For me the killer feature is that it is exactly the same on all devices. I was using different apps on OSX and iOS and it was messy.

For me to use the native Mail app efficiently, I needed to pay for MailTags, MailActOn and SpamSieve. And all of their updates (frequent in the case of MailTags and MailActOn, often with features I didn’t want/need). Also none of these work on iOS. So I don’t get that, unlike many other software tools, an email app is somehow beyond the pale to pay for in this way.

Newtons superchargers are worth a long look. I can’t see why you would pay a subscription for SaneBox, you wouldn’t need one if you used Newton.

Just my 2c


I’m using Astro on Mac and iOS. I really enjoy the bot that tells me when an email was opened and reminds me to do things. I normally switch all the time, but I installed this one and was so happy I’ve not had the urge to change. There is no support yet for Exchange though, or I’d fold my work email into it too.


[Apple Mail] | [KreativMedia] | [Apple Mail is quite good integrated in the system. Before I had Thunderbird on Windows and Ubuntu, but on Mac, it was not integrated with Agenda, Contacts, and Spotlight. Also, the interface was really tiny, couldn’t change font size] | [I don’ see much drawbacks on Apple Mail, as it’s not my first way to contact people. I don’t use rules, as their are on the server. So my mail is sorted on all my devices ;)]


Not alot of newton email users?? i jumped ship after my beloved long time favorite app DISPATCH
stop being updated it was thee best for email triage & sending email snippets to other apps (before workflow/used the url schemes)- a bit clunky but very functional


Same with me. Used Airmail for a while, and then a few weeks ago it started not working right. Tried it again after the last update, but still buggy.


Former developer of Sparrow has a new mail app in beta: https://dejalu.me

Beta is a free download. Might even be open source.


I have used the native Apple Mail app for years. Meets all my needs mostly and integrates well across platforms. The ONLY issue I have with the Mail app, and it is admittedly an issue that causes periodic frustration, is that when a rule I have established moves an email to a local folder, if that email has an attachment the attachment more often than not is now downloaded. If the attachment is not downloaded I have no way of recovering it. To get around this I have had to set up a rule that prevents other rules from being implemented if an email has an attachment. Sort of defeats the purpose.


I use Airmail on both MacOS and iOS on multiple devices with multiple email accounts (iCloud, imap, gmail and outlook)

I’m surprised to see a number of people say it is buggy as I’ve honestly not had a single crash or problem with it. Have been using it for a couple of years now after trying just about everything on the market.

Airmail is the only mail client that has “stuck” in terms of not switching back to mail.app

In fact I just had another look tonight at the latest version of mail.app on the iOS 12 beta and still shocked that it does not have a “share” button.

I can’t see myself changing away from this anytime soon unless Apple does some major enhancement to mail.app


MailMate I have been using this email client for couple years now. With multiple accounts, the search across all accounts, highly customizable, Spamsieve and numerous bundles with for flexibility to work with other applications sold me out. Its not a graphical client, rather a bare bones one with great performance and robustness.


What do you use on iOS in conjunction with mailmate? I’m all in on mailmate for MacOS, but haven’t figured out what the best route to go is on iOS to complement it.


Switched to MailMate six months ago and never looked back. Mailmate’s search is best in class, and I haven’t even really drilled deep into the feature set. My only “complaint” is I don’t believe it has WYSIWYG editing, and I wouldn’t mind that as an option occasionally.


This is a recurring topic and there are several threads on it. That said, I just switched back to Spark from Apple Mail. I did so because:

  1. Spark just added a Template feature, which is fantastic.
  2. I have experienced no bugs with the latest update.
  3. It is a feature rich application with less complex, IMHO, GUI than say Airmail.
  4. It works wonderfully and looks fantastic on my new iPad Pro 12.9.


MailMate on macOS
Airmail on iOS


As I wrote on this thread in July I favor Spark. It works reliably for me and is updated regularly — about 15 times in the last four months.

And I don’t want to mess with learning the in and outs of another program. Only quibble is writing rules is not Sparks’s stellar skill. But with smart folders, templates, auto sorting inbox… many rules I would have written are covered.

Edit: Oops, I am writing about the iOS version. Though I have it on my Mac and am happy almost all my mail is handled on my tablet.


Hi Joe: Are you still using MailMate? I am looking for a new email app. I have used Airmail, Spark and cannot get comfortable. I do not like the layout and have security issues with Spark.
I also see that Newton is back. Can you share with me your thoughts on MailMate and anything on Newton? Thank you :slight_smile:


I am. The markdown ability with the GMail shortcuts is still gold to me. Makes it hard to see any other way at the moment.