Power Nap shortcut using Siri

Hi all - have been playing around with the shortcut app on iOS 12 (after purchasing David’s course! :grinning: ) and have just built a new shortcut that people may find useful.

I often take power naps during the day and figured a way how to automate it. Basically when you activate the shortcut, it asks you how long you want to power nap for - because of the commands you have to answer in seconds (I.e. 600 seconds = 10 mins / 900 seconds = 15 mins / 1200 seconds = 20 mins etc.) - so for 20 mins you would say ‘1200’ (interestingly, saying ‘seconds’ after the 1200 also works…)

That number is used on a wait timer, with the shortcut also muting your phone, putting it in lower power mode and activating do not disturb for the timer duration. At the end of the power nap everything is rest to normal, you get a sound, a buzz & Siri!

I’m hosting this in iCloud so hopefully the link below will work, if you want to try it out.

Link to Power Nap Siri Shortcut

If you want, you could probably add in a calculation so you can tell Siri minutes instead.

A bit of brainstorming that may need tweaking…

Answer from dictation
Set to variable minutesDictation
Calculate minutesDictation x 60
Set variable secondsDictation

And continue as before