Power user Mouse App

This is an interesting and inexpensive app I noticed on Product Hunt. I just tried it today and am pondering how to best configure it with my MX Master 3. But it does clearly work.

If you love a customized mouse with lots of buttons and want to extend its capabilities further it may be helpful.

I have not analyzed in detail yet which functions it offers can be done by Better Touch Tool and which cannot.


Can it detect the gesture button on the mx3? BTT can’t (or doesn’t).
(Although I’m not sure I want to give up Flow either)

Not it cannot - As best I can tell its triggers are either keyboard buttons or standard left/right mouse buttons but not any of the other mouse buttons.

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Aside: I’ve never seen the fading text as a sort of parenthetical before, clever.

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I am the maker of Abnormal Mouse ( • ̀ω•́ )✧

Abnormal Mouse should work for other mouse buttons. I am personally using a mouse that has 4 extra side buttons and it works just fine.

I guess the mx3 is sending some different events for the gesture button. But sadly I dont own an mx mouse. If you would like to help, would you mind checking what events it sends with apps like Key Codes · Many Tricks or Karabiner Event Viewers?

Does the activator setter in Abnormal Mouse display anything when you try to set it to the gesture button?

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Thanks for your help

Karabiner events shows nothing at all for the gesture button, nor does the activator setter in Abnormal Mouse show anything.

Then the mouse must be handling it internally within the mouse. Sad.

Oh well - thank you for the follow-up