PowerBeats Pro Multi-Device Issue

I have PowerBeats Pro, typically used on my iPhone. But because they so helpfully go from device to device, it’s nice to be able to flip them back and forth to my Mac, iPad, etc.

The problem is that as soon as I do that, I get horribly long connection delays on my iPhone.

So let’s say they’re on my iPhone. I switch to my Mac, then switch back to my iPhone later in the day. I’ll pick up a phone call, and it’ll be about 7-8 full seconds before they allow me to hear the other person. The call is answered - I just can’t talk or hear the other person.

Same playing audio with Overcast. I click “Play”, and there’s a very noticeable multi-second delay.

The problem is solved by deleting the PowerBeats Pro and going through the re-pairing process, then only connecting to the one device again. But after I use it on a different device, I’m back in audio delay hell until I delete & re-pair.

I suppose I could just give up on the multi-device thing. But does anybody have any idea why / how this is happening? I’m guessing it’s something with the device trying to auto-negotiate which device it’s supposed to be on, but that seems like it should be a much quicker process.

Any thoughts?

Did you ever find a solution? I just got Powerbeats for Christmas and set them up on iPhone and iPad. The switch seems to be seamless with very little testing. However if I pair to the Apple TV I have to forget the device on my iPhone and start all over. I haven’t tried the Mac yet but the directions for the Powerbeats make me think that it will be similar to the Apple TV.

I don’t really have a solution just another user’s experience.