Praise for Apple Pay

There has been talk recently about Apple losing its ‘whimsy’. Despite the excellence of Apple’s engineering, as someone who was enchanted by the Mac in 1995 I often ask myself when was the last time a piece of Apple software gave me the feeling of pleasure to use that it used to, that feeling of both looking good, feeling good and being easier to use than it should be.

And I’ve actually realised that Apple Pay on iOS gives me that feeling. It is so easy to use, I love the way it looks with bright bold colours, I love the way it performs, with tickets and card cascading up/down and left/right. I actually enjoy opening it up and using it using it.

That’s all.


Agreed! I’m especially enamored with Apple Pay on watchOS for its design as well as it’s efficiency and utility.

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I like how Apple Pay makes for quick authorizations and no signatures when making card purchases especially when traveling overseas. During a recent trip, a friend was using a (US address) chip card and had to wait for an online authorization plus had to sign; meanwhile, I was using AP (with the same bank’s card) with near instantaneous approval.

My business VISA card doesn’t support Apple Pay. That means if I use my bank card, I would lose out on points. Not sure why Chase Business is holding out.

Chase non business supports it

Would love to see apple pay over here! You’re lucky to have it! :grinning:

I use Apple Pay on my phone whenever I can. I really like Apple Pay on my MacBook Pro (touch bar) – it’s too bad more sites do not support it. Apple store online does, of course.

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The chip in my cards don’t work any more. I love using apple pay. Saves me digging out of my wallet. I feel it is more secure. I have been using it more and more. It is super handy.