Presenting on iPad

I had the same issue when I lived in Uganda.

Because the steering wheel was on the right, I had no problem at all adapting to driving on the left — it actually felt pretty normal to me.

But adapting as a pedestrian was an entirely different matter. I always told the people I lived with that if I didn’t come back from running errands in Jinja, it wouldn’t be because I’d crashed the truck. It would be because I’d looked left instead of right before trying to cross the main road in town.

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You’ve all been helpful. I’ll post on this thread before starting a new one. . I have a LOT of audio clips (music person) and the mp3 icon used to be visible in the keynote presentation, not just the layout. It seems to have disappeared. I have the latest version of Keynote.
The audio does play on click, but I like the icon to be there.

I’ve had the pleasant surprise of regularly finding Apple TVs in corporate meeting rooms which makes it easy to present from Mac or iPad. This happens even in companies that are clearly Microsoft shops.

This is the way. When speaking at developer conferences, the PDF version has allowed me to present on a computer from someone from the public. And even perform a technical demo thanks to Emacs and the BEAM/Erlang VM, but that’s another story :wink:

I wouldn’t count on that being the case here. I would definitely check with the venue IT people before relying on this possibility.

Not my first rodeo :slight_smile: My organizers have communicated well and I’m prepared for most variables.

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Update: 2 presentations down, 1 to go. I was glad to have the computer.


@violagail tell us more. What made the computer useful over the iPad?

The only thing I use my laptop for these days is presentations. So I’m thinking of putting my M1 iPad to use instead.

I think the iPad might have worked but I had a couple glitches—1, with sound, 2 with using a prior version of the presentation (jet lag, sprained my ankle an hour before). I’m more facile with the laptop. Again, I might try it domestically and have greater comfort in the future.