Price Hikes for Apple Services

I’m currently on a free trial for Apple News+, I was considering actually paying for it, but after the 30% price increase, I don’t think I will.


These services were not worth it BEFORE the price hike… Apple News and Apple Arcade price increases? lol

I am glad I cancelled Apple Music last month, because it will be next.


Yikes. I’m currently on the $32.95 plan, because I’m reading News and using Fitness and figured the other stuff might be a nice bonus. If I kept just those though, under the new pricing I’d be paying something like $26 just for those, plus $3 or so for iCloud - so it almost doesn’t make sense to downgrade.

Doesn’t mean I’m happy about it, but I read WSJ so I can cost-justify News+ pretty easily.

The AppleTV+ yearly people going from $69.99 to $99.99 … wow. I have had probably a year of free AppleTV+ due to hardware purchases, and I never watched it once.

$456/year for Premier… you could have just bought a new ipad…

Apple may be hoping the price hikes will be an incentive for people to upgrade to one of their bundles. And they will probably be the next to see a price increase some time in the future. All the streaming services are raising prices but AppleTV+ has the least amount of content of any I’ve tried. I guess time will tell if the new rates are a success or not.

I’ve had several free trials of News+ but have always cancelled before they end because I hate the app. All the advertisements make reading the news like watching TV, with a commercial every three minutes.


I hate the News+ app too - mostly because there’s no way to say “I’ve read everything before X.” I subscribe to the WSJ feed in Reeder, and any story that I’m interested in actually reading I read in News.

Unfortunately there’s no “some time in the future” here - the bundles are going up now. Premier is going from $32.99 to $37.99 in the US.


I agree. News+ is really bad…

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In Australia, it’s $50 a month… cancelling it and going with iCloud only option

Thanks again for pushing me out organically because I wasn’t using the other services enough to justify paying for it.


While there are plenty of issues with News+, advertisements need not be one of them, at least on a Mac. Edit the /etc/hosts file and add the lines:

I didn’t know that and was giving Apple the benefit of the doubt. What was I thinking? :grinning:

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I am not sure they can make up their mind here in the UK

Premier went up 10% here last year to £33 - surely they aren’t hiking it again?

I see they are

Folks with ipv6 will also want to add these lines:


Or, if your router supports blocking by (sub)domain name, you can block them there as well.

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I have kids and they use Apple Music. My wife and I do too. We also use Fitness+, AppleTV+, extra iCloud storage…

It’s still the cheapest option for us (One) but I’m not happy about this. Made myself feel better by cancelling $23 worth of Netflix each month. :joy:

If they’re all going to raise prices I’m not keeping them all around.

Here’s me - BUH BYE
Here’s Netflix - “but I offer a good value and —“
Here’s me “BUH BYE :wave:


I have no problems either with the Apple One apps nor the price hikes… I would much rather watch the quality entertainment on TV+ than Netflix (which, along with everyone else, are hiking prices), I read the news app (if you use an ad blocker, you can… er, block the ads) and use the others regularly… take my money, please

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Same! Downgraded to Family ($32) while I sort out what I want to do.

I have OneDrive via M365 so I could use that for storage and Spotify for music then I just pay for Apple TV - and I need to see how much I actually use that. We have Netflix and Prime, and I probably watch more YouTube than those combined.

Out of curiousity, which ad blocker do you use? I have 1blocker, plus some router level ad blocking, some ad blocking lists in Little Snitch, and use adguard & mullvlad ad blocking DNS servers. None of those were blocking the ads that would show up in stories in the Apple News app.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!

I have an AdGuard Private DNS set up at the router level, then use both Adguard for Mac and iOS for another layer… possibly overkill, but I do not get any ads, anywhere…

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have you added Peter Lowe’s blocklist into little snitch? I use that and it seems to block news ads.

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Yup, Peter Lowe’s list was the one I was referring to. In article Apple News ads were the only ads I was seeing anywhere on my Mac. At any rate, blocking the subdomains listed above at the router fixed the issue plus blocks the ads on my ipad too.