Print to PDF in Mojave

So many of you are of course familiar with David’s “Print to PDF” shortcut that he has posted on:

With updating to Mojave, I have found it is not working. When I enter CMD-P-P instead of going to the print dialog and then to the pdf dialog box, it goes the print dialog and then I just hear a sound. I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing this or if they might have a solution?

Just to show how I set it up in Preferences, I am including some screenshots.

01 Screenshot 2018-10-07 20.51.01

17 Screenshot 2018-10-07 20.56.17


Shouldn’t the Menu Title field be “Save as PDF…”? That’s how it works for me (Sierra). I tried changing it to “Save to PDF” and then it doesn’t work.

High Sierra and later removed the ellipses from the menu item so the menu item is now “Save as PDF”.

I just created the shortcut on my laptop running Mojave and it works as expected. (i.e. “Save as PDF” mapped to command-P)

I see what may be a new menu item under the File menu “Export as PDF…” on Safari 12. David mentions this was added to Mail in one of his screencasts for Mavericks so I’m not sure if this is new or has been around for a while. A shortcut for this would save a keystroke but it doesn’t bring up the security options that the other method has.

What @JoePreiser said. I had to change the setting to get it to work when I upgraded to High Sierra.

it works as expected for me too in Mojave (I set it up in April 2017, so under Sierra I guess). Mine is mapped to “Save as PDF in Downloads”.

It is working fine for me, no issues on my end.