Print Webpage Workflow

I’m interested in printing PDFS from webpages after I login on a daily basis. Ideally, I wouldn’t have to login but I don’t mind logging in and then having a script or something run to print out each page to pdf and named with the date. Any suggestions on best way to do this? Would prefer this on Mac but could be done iOS as well. Happy to use Chrome, safari, or firefox. Thanks

To clarify, you want a PDF to print of a pre-defined website? Like print the front page of a news site every morning?

Also, you don’t want anything to actually print out of a printer, right? Just print to PDF?

Yep. Just save as a pdf to a folder every day.

Whenever I want to fully automate a browser interaction I use (terrible name!) the Fake App. It’s more script able than the other common browsers in my experience.

But, you might be able to also use a combination of wget (install via home brew and pandoc to grab the raw HTML and convert to PDF.

Each of these could be triggered by a scheduler or event - e.g. Command line cron, Keyboard maestro timing (what ai generally use for convenience), at login.

Depending upon the web pages and why you want a PDF, you might also want to consider flipping the scenario around a little bit. Could it be that the web sites have RSS feeds and you could access an RSS reader to access the content?

Could you use IFTTT to send a page on a daily basis to a read it later service such as Pocket?

There are many ways this could be tackled. The ‘right’ approach depends on what you actually need as an end result, what your ‘tinkering’ level of comfort is, what you already have and what your budget is.

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