Printing: Any way to save a couple of setups and call them up with a keystroke?

hey all
I am printing three to four different formats every day. Two formats with A5 labels, one format A4, but with 90% zoom, plus normal prints and Dymo labels. For the A5 labels and the A4 formats, which come from different compartments of the printer, I have created two printers. So I can address the compartments directly. But after Ctrl+P I still have to: Select the appropriate printer, then pick the right pre set, then change the zoom factor, because it seems it cannot be saved in the pre set and then I can finally start. This is very cumbersome and I think to myself every time: This must be easier. Therefore my question: Can I somehow specify a key combination or something similar that prints these formats immediately? From preview? So I press e.g. Ctrl+F15 and the label comes out correctly with all settings? And with Ctrl+F16 the A4 with zoom to 90% and so on?
Does anybody have an idea about this? If necessary also with additional programs? Automator? Script?
I looked into cups, but couldn’t find anything that looked helpful
Thanks a lot

Probably doable with some UI scripting using Keyboard Maestro.

A not-commonly discussed feature of the Print dialog is that presets and other features in that dialog can be given shortcuts, because the dialog is actually a sub-menu of the macOS menu bar. So, if I have these settings for which I created a Preset named “TEST” (and then close that dialog):

then in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts I create a shortcut for “All Applications” for the menu item “TEST”:

then the next time I go back to the print dialog I have a shortcut for “TEST”:

Play with presets and shortcuts. You might solve your problem using the built-in features of macOS.


Wow, thanks a lot! Will play with that!

My problem is that the scale setting isn’t saved in the presets…any thoughts on this?

Scale is saved in presets for me. Sorry, cannot explain why it wouldn’t work for you.

Maybe try again?

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Here’s how I did it

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Interesting stuff…the scale is shown in the Safari print dialogue above the line, and if you safe a preset, it is saved.
In the preview print dialogue, it is shown below the line and it is not saved:

Even if I save a scale in the Safari dialogue, and then call up that preset in the Preview dialogue, it is not used. Bummer. I could, however, use Safari to print instead of preview…or find a pdf viewer, that doesn’t have it’s own scale setting below the line…puh, this is getting more confusing than I had thought.
Any ideas?

Not any more. Maybe go back to the original suggestion. Use Keyboard Maestro.

Basically, I am confused that scale is sometimes above the line and is saved in presets, and sometimes below the line and not saved in presets. How incosistent is that?
I looked into other pdf viewers and they all have it below the line.
I would think my problem is not that specific or uncommon, but you never know…
Thanks for any help