Privacy screen for MBP 13" 2018

Hi gang.

I am starting a new job next week and will be back to using the train for my commute. It got me thinking about privacy screens but there are a wide range of products on the market and nearly all of them have reviews ranging from 1* to 5*. When you’re potentially spending £40-50 on something it’s preferable to get something that will do the job.

Does anyone here have any experience of privacy screens on a MPB (make/model) and do they have a marked difference in the clarity of the screen when fitted?

Many thanks.


Not got any experience on the 13" but for the 15" I have and use one of these:

Travelling a lot for work I use it on planes and airport lounges, having tried a couple of others but this has been the best.

One thing to bear in mind is that there aren’t any that will allow you to close the lid fully and so the MacBook Pro won’t sleep with it and you’ll need to keep it in something otherwise it’ll damage.

The privacy aspect is good, though it does darken the screen a bit.

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In researching privacy screens, I have seen some complaints of other products such as at max brightness the privacy setting does not work. Also that if someone is sitting behind you they can still see the screen. Any thoughts on this?

You can’t do anything about if someone is stood directly behind you, as then you wouldn’t be able to see it either.

At full brightness the one that I use you can perhaps see what windows / apps but not read the text from the side view.

There’s a decent 3M one on the market for around £30. I think given their quality it’d be good and do a good job of privacy protection. The price always put me off, then the fact it’s removable which made me think it’d wear out or get bent / lost. Then again, I suppose you’d only need it some of the time.