Pro printing from iOS

Hi folks–I’m a documentary photographer. Outside of actually shooting, my day-to-day consists of editing photographs in Lightroom on a Mac Pro and printing to a large format Epson. I’m intrigued by the upcoming iPad pros and the apple pencil as well, thinking they might work for photo editing. The one issue I can’t seem to solve by searching is printing from the iPad. My workflow, currently, is calibrated and color managed, but the kind of work I do is not all that demanding in that regard. Is anyone here printing from iOS to a dedicated large format printer, particularly an Epson? If not, as iOS and Mac OS converge, do you all think it’ll be likely some day soon?


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“There’s no option for printing” from the iOS version of Lightroom (yet), with no established due date for it happening any time soon.

You can print-to-pdf, or export to a printing service, or a Mac/PC.