Problem accessing file from Reminders

I’ve seldom had a problem with using a callback link in Reminders to open an app and file but I can’t get it to work with MindNode (MN).

I’ve checked all of my security/access settings and everything looks fine. I’ve also rebooted but I’m still getting the error.

Here is the message I get when I click the MD URL in Reminders:

It works fine IF I already have MD running in the background. If I don’t MD will not open when I click on the link in Reminders.

Here are my settings. Am I missing something?

Full Disk:

Files and Folders:


That mindnode://... link is trying to open an asset that macOS thinks is “Academic Programming”. Is that an application or document or website or something on your machine?

Try this. Create a really simple mind map with a parent and one child. Copy the mindnode://... link to that child using File > Share > Copy URL Scheme. Paste that in a reminder in Reminders, then try to click the link.

If that test works, then it’s not the settings that you mentioned in your posting that are the problem. The problem is the link that MindNode created for “Academic Programming”.

A MindNode sharing url should look like this


I see that yours starts with mindnode://open?url=... – it’s not obvious why.

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@anon41602260 thanks! I followed your advice and created a test map. Everything worked perfectly. With that in mind, I figured that somehow the URL scheme was corrupted so I copied and pasted the branches from the original map into a new one, deleted the old, and then copied and pasted the URL scheme from the new mind map to Reminders. It is working perfectly.

Really strange. Thanks again for the help!

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Most of the time, going back to the beginning and starting over solves all software problems.

Like rebooting! :slightly_smiling_face:

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