Problem backing up iPhone to iTunes

Hi guys! I’m not really sure if this qualifies as a hardware or software issue, but I think the primary problem might be iTunes, so I’ll try here under Software.

I am trying to back up my iPhone 8+ (iOS 12) to my 2017 MBP (High Sierra) before I upgrade to a new phone. I have a 256GB iPhone, but am only using about 60 GB. I have 282 GB free on my MBP. For the first time ever, I am getting an error message from iTunes that there is not enough free space on the MBP to backup the iPhone. I just updated iTunes, which the MBP said I had to do before I could backup my iPhone, to version I don’t know if I am experiencing an iTunes problem or if maybe this is an issue with iOS 12? Any thoughts?


No actual solution, but it happened to me too. I was able to back up my wife’s phone perfectly fine. I never actually figured it out.

Dan Frakes mentioned he’s having this same problem on Twitter. Has anyone else run across this issue? Thanks!