Problems with 10.15.6 supplemental update

I’m trying to remotely troubleshoot my daughter’s MacBook Pro. Variety of strange things going on with various app crashes, FaceTime errors with camera, Messages not flowing, etc etc. I wanted to start with simply ensuring OS is up to date.

She has one update in queue… the most recent 10.15.6 supplemental update.

The update process is not working. It downloads successfully and seemingly installs successfully. Meaning, after the download and “restart” to install, there is a progress bar implying progress that finishes without any error. I will say it seems the install step is progressing far faster than when I updated my own Macs. When she logs back in, the system is still indicating need to install the update. We’ve tried a few times… same result each time. Update needed > download > reboot > install > update needed!

Any tips on troubleshooting getting the update to work? I would like to remove this variable before I dig in to the other problems she is seeing (though, maybe they are related).

Thanks for any guidance – jay

Run OnyX (Maintenance option, most things checked, especially the cleaning options) before running the update. Might also fix the other issues you’re seeing.

Thanks! We will look at that this evening when we try again. I appreciate the tip.

Is there enough storage? Make sure there’s like 5-10 GB free.