Problems with slowness in Apple Notes on Mac

I’m finding Apple Notes very slow on the Mac and wonder if anyone else is having the same issue.

An Internet search indicates that many have reported the problem but there does not seem to be any

I have quite a large number of notes (10,000) and the start and entry is very slow. On Bear both
are instantaneous. Activity monitor shows there is plenty of spear CPU, memory and network bandwidth and I have a fast SSD.

Anyone got any ideas?

One person said that she fixed slowness with Apple Notes by basically killing files on her Mac then reimporting everything from iCloud.

She found a Notes folder containing all her notes in her iCloud folder on her Mac, which she then backed up/copied, then deleted the notes from that location as well as the folder, then emptied the trash. She turned off Notes in iCloud on all devices (personally I’m not sure she needed to do that with iOS devices, but that’s what she did), waited a few minutes and turned it all back on. Everything, including the Notes webapp, proceeded to run faster.